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Legion Killers welcomes any players that enjoy playing DAoC. We also do PvE / RvR.We have a very strong guild with a great alliance!
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Welcome every one to guild Legion Killers!

All new members please be sure to sign up! You will not be promoted to talk in /as until you have done so!
Reason being is so that every one attempts to look over rules for events, templates, ect....

Any one that would like to share templates please post them on forums.... It will help guild greatly!

If any one needs help with anything don't be afraid to ask in /gu or post something on page in shout box! We are a guild and that is what we are here for as a guild is to help each other and work with each other no matter what!

More News
Now that Legion Killers has gotten pretty decent numbers we will start running battlegroups on set nights on event calender so be sure to watch that to see when bg's for guild / as are going and who is leading them!

Rules for Battlegroup!

1.Vent is a Requirement! Keep it clean on vent and do not over speak battlegroup leader! Do not yell in vent or get mad please type anything over excessive in bg chat! Such as if your being  attacked or calling MA's there will be only 1 person talking while we are trying to achieve our goals! That is the BG leader! if you cant handle that please be sure to leave bg!

2.  We only allow players from /as or friendly /as players into the BG to avoid xrealmers different pw will be set each time!

3. Bring your visi toons! Nightshades / Rangers are for stealth groups only!

4.Bring the toon that you have all ready, Such as Template OR have close to template as possible, Longwind 1, Water/invig pots in case bard is not in your group. We sprint at all times!

5. All the seige you can carry without being encumbered, War rams,Fort rams,Tents Etc....

6. Caster's that have pets please spec convoker, Caster's that have no pets spec storm lord. We need have CT's and Speed warps etc set down when we are on a tower or in field fighting asap!

7.Tanks that are battlemaster be sure to set a druid on BG! Tanks that are WL we'll be in charge of seige!

8. There will be only 2 people talking in vent when we are on the move... Those players are BG leader and MA for BG.   

9. There will be 1 MA for whole BG MAKE A ASSIST MACRO FOR HIM
 command is /macro assist /assist (players name)
AT any time your not near the MA find your grp MA and MA him/her! DO NOT BREAK MEZZ, STUNS OR ROOTS if you can help it!!

10. Lastly bring the toon YOU want to play and feel comfortable playing.   

Have Fun and see ya'll in the RvR!

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